We elevate bar fare with high-end ingredients and offer a menu full of vegan and gluten-free options.



Crooked Deviled Eggs gfo – 6
calabrian chili and caper relish, guanciale

Truffle Potato Chips gf – 12
chives, crema, trio of caviars: smoked trout, black truffle, tobiko

Cheese Please gfo – 16
roquefort, triple cream brie, chevre, manchego, honey

Charcuterie gfo – 16
mortadella, pepperoni, ndjua, prosciutto, mustard, giardiniera



Add: Turkey +4, Chicken +3,

Tofu +2, Avocado +2

Beet It gf, vo– 10
balsamic roasted beets, baby kale, pomegranate, toasted quinoa, chevre, and walnuts

Chicken Lover gfo – 9
shaved red cabbage, cashews, sesame crackers, basil and cilantro, oranges, nuoc cham vinaigrette

Green Machine v,gf – 9
little gems, avocado, toasted quinoa, cucumbers, vegan green goddess dressing

Go Tofu Yourself v,gf– 10
wild arugula, kumquat, sunflower seeds, ponzu vinaigrette, tahini, toasted brown rice



Gluten Free Crust +1 Vegan +1

Margherita gfo, vo – 7
mozzarella, parmesan, basil

Pepperoni gfo – 8
mozzarella, loaded with butcher’s union pepperoni

Fun Guy gfo, vo– 10
wild mushrooms, burrata cheese, truffles duxelle

Rainbow Unicorn gfo, vo – 9
spinach, garlic confit, peppers, feta

The Beast gfo – 10
pepperoni, sausage, chorizo, guanciale



Gluten Free +1 Vegan +2

Egg Salad – 10
braised cabbage, vegan cheddar, horseradish dill

Vegan Corned Beet Reuben v, gfo – 10
braised cabbage, vegan cheddar, horseradish dill

Jive Turkey gfo – 10
milk bun, natural heritage turkey breast, crispy chicken skin, havarti cheese, lingonberry

Muffaletta gfo – 10
sesame roll, olive and caper relish, mortadella, salami, prosciutto, canadian bacon, provolone cheese

Beyond DBL DBL Cheeseburger v, gfo – 12
beyond meats vegan double cheeseburger, special sauce, caramelized onions, vegan american cheese

ADD: +2 Per Item

Triple Crème Brie, Burrata Cheese, American Cheese, Blue Cheese, Avocado, Mushrooms, Egg Salad, Truffle Duxelle, Canadian Bacon, Ndjua, Guanciale, Mortadella



Mochi Bites gf – 5
coconut, banana dulce de leche, white chocolate

Sweet Potato Pie – 5
lingonberry compote, whipped cream



Mango Ceylon Iced Tea – 3

Seasonal Lemonade – 3

Arnold Palmer – 3


Eat In. Take Out. Delivery. Catering.

GF= Gluten Free   V=Vegan  

GFO=Gluten Free Option   VO=Vegan Option

Town Square Eats is located within Crooked City Cider Taproom, which offers 25 local ciders and 10 beers on tap.